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Stage 7 -Tai O



DISTANCE    10.5km


TIME              3.0 hrs

This trail is 10,5 k but the choice is at the end of trail 7 do i back track or continue with trail 8 making a distance of 16 k.The trail 7 ends up at Kau Ling Chung which is in the middle of no where so the decision to carry on with trail 8 to Shep Pik or return back to Tai O ,but that will make the trail 21 k.Trail 7 is a great trail with views over looking the coast ,most of the trail is along the coast line.There are some interesting places on route like the fort at Fan Lau the plus the stalagmite and last the stone circle all within the area of Fan Lau. On entering Fan Lau there are two ways to go as you come to a junction taking the right trail with take you through Fan Lau it’s self but carrying on up the coast you will pick up the above places i have mentioned.Taking the Fan Lau trail will cut about 2k off the distance but you will miss all the interesting places.This is a trail that you really don't want to miss if you like walking,hiking its peaceful and as i mentioned the views are superb.Leaving Tai O is an easy walk along a concrete road for about 2 k then the trail which starts properly at Leung Uk Tsuen and the reason i have put it down as an 3 difficulty is not because the trail is extra hard but because of the distance you must travel.Give these trails a go and if you look at trail 8 it has a concrete road  for about 4 k which is tree lined to keep that hot sun off you.

Fan Lau FortFan Lau

              Part of Fan Lau Fort                                                                                                                          Fan Lau Staglamite

Fan Lau beach

What i forgot to mention ,when you get to Fan Lau there is a super beach with shaded areas for that cooling off time.Being adventurous why not go for a dip in that really good looking sea.Take some food and have a quite and peaceful barbecue on a empty beach.That way you will be refreshed for the next part of your trail.What about camping ,a little further along the trail at Kau Ling Chung there is a very good camp site,there you can rest and recuperate.


from Tung Chung to Tai O bus 11

from Mui Wo to Tai O       bus   1

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