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Stage 6 - Man Chung Po

Lantau Trail 6



DISTANCE       2.5K


TIME                1hr

Now trail5 ends at Man Cheung Po and trail 6 starts and as ManCheung Po is also in the middle of no where, you now have a choice carry on with trail 6 or when leaving the garden you come across a concrete road. Follow the road and not the track which is on the left a few hundred meters down the road and head down to the catchment and onto the Tai O road.Taking the track will bring you to Tai O and the continuation of trail 6.

Having done 7.5k this last stretch is a nice walk mostly down tree lined tracks and at only 2.5k not too far.There are a few places where caution must be taken and the descent gets quite steep and walking down the steps as you already know is hard work and if slippy  it can be dangerous, so just be ready for the steep descent into Tai O.Traveling along this track to Tai O you will pass what is known as the Painted Dragons,yes statues of painted Dragons and it is also a nice place for photo's.Now Tai O is just a short walk away and the finish of trail 6

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