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Stage 5 - Sham Wat Rd

Lantau Trail 5

Lantau Trail 5

Sham Wat Road to Man Cheung Po


DISTANCE       7.5K

TIME               2.45 hrs

Trail 5 is a long trail and it rises over mountains and then back down,so making this a long hard trail.There are two main mountains Keung Shan which is 459 meters and Ling Wui Shan which is 480 meters and in between it drops to make it an up and down track.The weather is also against you if its hot because for 90% of this trail is out in the open.

The views are spectacular from the top on a clear day you can see for miles and if a camera is at hand you will get some fab photos.Traveling along the peaks you can see your trail going off in the distance so you know what has to be done.There are some interesting places on this route, like the temple at Tsz Cheung and the campsite at Man Cheung Po and all this before you come to the Chinese water garden,which is actually on stage 6.Trail 5 now ends at Man Cheung Po now you need to make a decision as to wether you continue on with stage 6 or cut it short and carry on down the trail to the water catchment and to the Tai O road.

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