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Stage 3 - Lantau Peak

Lantau Trail 3





TIME                2.45hrs

This trail is one of the hardest with steep inclines as it goes over Lantau Peak with a height is 934 meters.When on the summit you will find a sun dial that gives all the sunsets and sunrises of the different seasons of the year.Starting at Pak Kung Au which can be found on the new Tung Chung road,it starts to ascend from the word go,traveling along a tree lined track which is nice when the sun is blazing hot,but this will not last for long as most of the trail is out in the open.

Most of the ascent is up steps which can be quite hard because they are not spaced evenly.Planning for this hike is a must plenty of water and a little food (banana's, oranges) will help on this long hard climb.Sitting on the top of Lantau Peak you say to yourself was it worth it,YES,YES,YES.The views are out of this world,360 dec views of the surrounding islands,Lantau island,Hong Kong in the distance.Then there is the Po Lin monastery ,the wisdom path and the Buddha sitting graceful on top of his mountain.

Descending is by far as difficult as the climb if not harder,because of in parts the descent is very steep and care and time must be taken.The steps can be dangerous if the weather is closing in on your descent,Having made it to the top by walking up you don't want the quick way down, so please watch your footing.

This climb is hard for the average man but believe me it is well worth it ,i am 62 and i did it by taking my time, going at my pace.The descent down you will see the Buddha closing in on you then you will arrive via the tea shop to Ngong Ping.

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