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stage 2 Nam Sham (sunset peak)

Lantau Trail 2 LANTAU  TRAIL NO  2




TIME 2.45hrs

This walk is listed as the Lantau trail no 2 and starting at Nam Shan it goes up and over Sunset peak down to Pak Kung Au. Leaving the picnic area at Nam Shan starting no 2trail is ascending all the way along a tree covered mountain trail.

After a few hundred meters the trail splits into the Lantau trail or the south Lantau country trail keep on the Lantau trail to Pak Kung Au.

There is not a lot to see for quite some time because you are traveling along a tree lined track which if its a hot day you will be glad of because once you get into the open there is no shade for the rest of the trail. Being honest i did this trail on a hot day and meeting other walkers who like me found it hard going.In places it really does get steep and when a flat part comes you feel like running.The streams were dried up so no help there.When you do break into the open ,what a sight. Overlooking Pui O and the coast line and the surrounding islands really is a wonderful sight. Still climbing and probably the hardest part of the trail just keep climbing your reward isn’t far away.The trail twists and turns up the mountain some hikers have gone to the wrong peak thinking it was sunset when you reach the summit.

On the right is a peak with a large boulder on it that is not sunset peak.the top has a lot of buildings on it (which was used by monks ) go through the building along the trail and sunset peak is in front of you.when you get to the top there is s sign telling you, you are now on sunset peak.

The decent from there is as you will be aware of is just as steep going down as it was coming up,stepping stones which i dislike not even but down you go and eventually you will come to the Tung Chung road.The down part of the trail has no shade if its a hot day so be prepared.What i forgot to say was when you are on the summit it will feel like heaven the wonderful views you get are outstanding and of course you are also getting views over the northern side of the island as well.Tung Chung the airport and the surrounding islands really do make a great sight.

Transportation from Hong Kong is either by mtr to Tung Chung and the the no 3m bus or by ferry from central pier 6 to Mui Wo and then either the no’s 1  2  3m  4 will take you right to your stating point at Nam Shan.

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