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Stage 12 - Pui O

Lantau Trail 12    Pui O to Mui Wo

DISTANCE          9.0K 


TIME                 3.0hrs

Pui O to Mui Wo is listed in the Lantau trails as number 12 and is approximately 9km in distance along the coast line with some beautiful views.Lantau trails can of course be done in reverse to the written directions ,i am starting at Mui Wo finishing at Pui O.The trail starting position is by the dock area on Mui Wo ferry road,which is if you come of the ferry turn left and follow the road around.The entrance to the trail is well sign posted and will come up on your right hand side after about 200 meters.

The trail begins with a small climb but only for a few hundred meters and the it levels off giving a great view of the ferry area and silver mine beach.walking along the cliff tops the views out to sea and the surrounding islands are wonderful.After a few hundred meters the trail splits either to go up to the top and passed the radio mast getting views of Pui O as well the coast line or take the bottom trail and carry on, along the coast line.The trails will meet up again at the end of the trail both ways are just as good in there own ways but if you go up it is a bit of a climb.There are rest points on route, picnic areas and on the up route toilets.the views you get from both trails are good so the decision which way is up to you.  The coast route will take you passed three secluded beaches.Eventually you will come across the other track on joining a road and opposite is Chi ma wan country trail,all is needed now is to turn right and follow the road to Pui O.Walking into Pui O you will walk by the river and if you look out across the river you may catch some rare birds.Carry on you will come to the main through road where you can catch a bus back to Mui Wo.Stating at Pui O take the turning by the school and follow the road it bears to the left .there is a turning right that will take you to the beach.follow the road to the left and just follow the road you will eventually come to the track on your left hand side. 

Transportation is the same for either stating at Mui Wo and finishing at Pui O or in reverse and stating at Pui O and finishing at Mui Wo the bus nos are 1 - 2 - 3m - 4 and will drop you in the required location.

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